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Applying for Billboards, Signage, Banners or Advertisements

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Appoint a registered advertising company to help you apply for your commercial signage or for billboards, banners and advertisements for marketing purposes. 

Step 1: Appoint a registered advertising company

All applications for Advertisement, Billboard and Signboard approval must be submitted via an advertising company which is registered with the Authority for Building Construction Industry (ABCi).
Advertising companies who wish to register with ABCi may download the application form here.

Step 2: Submit Application for Billboard, Signboard, Banner and Advertisement via OneBiz Portal

The appointed advertising company will submit a complete coloured copy of the Application Form for Advertisement, Billboard and Signboard to OneBiz, together with details of the application and the following documents:

  • Copy of applicants’ Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of applicant's Identity Card
Complete coloured plans as follows:

  • Plan A: Site Plan showing the location (address), type and size
  • Plan B: Place of fixture
  • Plan C: A sketch or photograph showing the complete proposed wording, information and contents to be featured 
  • Plan D: Size of the lettering (in metric measurements)
  • Plan E: A drawing showing the materials used, mounting, colour, height from the ground and if the signboard protrudes from a building, the protrusion measurement
  • Plan F: Proposed Jawi wording
  • Plan G: Company logo and its definition

Step 3: ABCi gather feedback from relevant agencies and issue final approval

After receiving the application, ABCi will liaise with the other relevant government agencies to gather feedback and comments with regards to the application. ABCi will advise the applicant of any adjustments to be made. 

Should no adjustments need to be made, ABCi will approve the application.

Step 4: Make payment and obtain approval via OneBiz portal

Applicant will be notified to make payment and collect the approval from OneBiz portal.

icon1.pngFor any enquiries, go to this website or, email or, please call +673-2380429 (Counter) or +673-8140365 (SMS/whatsapp)