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Building or renovating commercial premises

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If you are planning to build or make significant renovations to your business premises, you will need to engage Qualified Persons (QPs), such as a registered architect and professional engineer, to undertake the work. These QPs will liaise with the relevant authorities on your behalf to obtain the relevant approvals and permits for the project.  

Dealing with construction permits:


Step 1: Obtain Planning Permission

Your assigned architect will need to submit an online application for Planning Permission to the Town and Country Planning Department via the e-KP system, together with the required documents.

Your architect will receive notification of approval within 14 days and will need to collect the Planning Permission approval letter and approved development plan proposals stamped by TCP at the TCP Department.


Step 2: Obtain Development Approval

Once Planning Permission is obtained, your architect will then apply for Development Approval from the Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCi) by completing the online form via the OneBiz system and submitting the following documents:

  • Application for Approval of Plans of Building Works (Borang A)
  • Copy of agreement between QP and landowner
  • Planning Permission from Town and Country Planning Department
  • Copy of Power of Attorney Letter (if any)
  • Site report

Fees of BND$3 per 100 square feet (building) will need to be paid online, or at the OneBiz counter at Business Support Centre, before the approval for development can be granted. Approval will take approximately 14 days, and will be notified through the OneBiz system.

Step 3: Obtain Permit to Commence Development

After obtaining development approval, the following documents will need to be submitted to ABCi online via OneBiz in order to obtain the permit to commence development work:

  • Form to Carry Out Building Works (Borang C)
  • Site photograph for setting out
  • Drawing of setting out/staking plan by LLS appointed by Land Owner

The permit to commence development will be granted within 1 day through the OneBiz system.

Step 4: Request Inspection Date (Fire and Rescue Department only)

Once the development works have been completed and are ready for inspection by Fire and Rescue Department, your QP will submit the Builder’s Certificate of Completion of Building Works (BCC) via email to and request an inspection date online through the Booking Scheduler

Confirmation will be received from Fire and Rescue Department via email and/or phone call, within 1 day.  

Step 5: Conduct Inspection

After the inspection date has been set, Fire and Rescue Department will visit the premise in the presence of your QP and contractor to inspect the development work and ensure it has been built according to the drawing approved by ABCi during Step 2, and is in compliance with the Building Guidelines and Requirements (PBD 12:2017)

Step 6: Obtain Occupational Permit

Following the inspection by ABCi, you will need to obtain an Occupational Permit (OP) before you can move into the building and commence business operations. To get an OP, the following documents need to be submitted to ABCi online through the OneBiz system:

  • Application for Occupation Permit (Borang E)
  • Borang tanya Perangkaan Pembinaan (JPKE)
  • Photographs of development from 4 angles including drainage system, access road, sewerage system and other related matters. 

The Occupational Permit will be issued within 7 days through the OneBiz System.

When are Occupational Permits required?

An Occupational Permit (OP) is a requirement under Building Control Order 2014, to ensure the building is safe for occupation and use. Whether a business needs an OP depends on the building itself and any changes made to it.

If the business is in a building with a valid OP and no changes to the building are needed for the new business, then a new OP is not needed.

However, if the business premises is in a new building under development or where changes or renovations to an existing building are needed, then it is more likely an OP is needed.

If you are planning to start a business and want to know whether you need an OP or any other building-related requirements before you can start your business, start by answering these questions.

If still in doubt, you should consult a Qualified Person (QP), either a Professional Engineer (PE) or a Registered Architect or ABCi to advise you accordingly.

Building Control Order, 2014

Brunei's building approval process is regulated by the Building Control Order 2014 and the Building Control Regulations 2014.

Understand the process better through these Frequently Asked Questions on building controls.