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Step 1: External works done by your hired contractor

  • A registered electrical contractor will start the external works upon approval from Department of Roads for Permit To Dig (only if necessary).

To apply for Permit To Dig (PTD), you may fill in Permit to Dig application (Form G) and submit it to Department of Roads via email at You will receive the approval via email within 7 calendar days.

  • Excavation and underlying works can be done immediately by the appointed licensed electrical contractor.
  • Arrange testing by Professional Engineer can be completed upon cable laying and installation of meter, which can be done in parallel.

Step 2: Get approval from DES for permanent electrical connection via OneBiz

  • After step 1 is completed, the hired electrical contractor submits new application via OneBiz online system.

Documents required:

    • Form DCS-009
    • Occupational Permit
    • Valid E01 worker pass
    • Receipt for the purchase of meter
    • Letter of assurance by Electrical Professional Engineer (PE) certifying the fitness of installation to receive power supply
  • Upon submission, payment of connection charges can be made immediately via online at OneBiz or, by cash at Design & Technology (D&T) Building at Anggerek Desa.

The applicant will receive approval for permanent supply via OneBiz system after payment is made.

What do you need to know?

As a business, you only need to hire a registered electrical contractor. The rest of the process to obtain a permanent electrical connection for your building will then be completed by your hired contractor.

The electrical contractor must be registered and licensed with the Department of Electrical Services (DES). You may find the list of registered electrical contractors here.

*Requirement Before Applying for a new permanent electricity connection:
  • Commercial Building must be fully built or ready for power 
  • Occupational Permit (OP) required for Step 1
  • Application must be submitted online via OneBiz by a Registered Electrical Contractor (Category E01) 
  • Excavation works, installation of Service Cable or Wire Fully completed
  • Installation of meter can be done at any time when the wiring is ready 
  • Letter of confirmation from an Electrical Professional Engineer (PE) on the fitness of installation

Click here for more information on the process flow of Getting Electricity.

For further details, you may contact DES at or go to their website here.