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Grow a Business

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Once you have successfully set-up or have been running your business for some time, you may want to consider how to take the next step to grow or expand your business. There are many ways to grow depending on the type and nature of your business, your available resources and your own personal vision for the future of your business.  Explore the different forms of support available to help guide you forward.

Enterprise Programmes

  • Learn and apply for the different capacity building programmes offered by DARE for enterprises at various stages of development to increase skills and knowledge to run and grow their business.


  • A plan to grow your business will likely require some form of financing. Learn more about how you can now use the value of your belongings to gain credit to grow your business, by registering your movable assets to the national Collateral Registry system.
  • DARe's Co-Matching Scheme offers 70% funding up to B$20,000. Find out whether you are eligible and how to apply
  • For more information on getting finance, click here.

Intellectual Property

  • You can use your Intellectual Property (IP) to grow your business. Strong IP protection can provide a small business with a competitive edge, attract investment and enable it to compete with larger competitors.
  • Learn the steps on registering your trademark here.
  • Learn how to protect your ideas and innovation by registering a Patent, Trademark, Industrial Design or Plant Varieties Protection at the Brunei Darussalam Intellectual Property Office (BruIPO) counter at the Business Support Centre.

Market Access

  • To grow your business you may consider tapping into the overseas market. Learn about how DARE can help to provide opportunities for local enterprises to connect and access the overseas market. 
  • Trade Fairs provide an ideal opportunity for growing your market base. Find out how to organize a Trade Fair and apply online via OneBiz, or at the Business Support Centre.

Investment Incentives

  • To expand your business, you may check out investment incentives that may be applicable for your business here.