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Required documents for developed land


If the transferred land has been developed with buildings, the following documents are to be submitted to the relevant Land District Office: 

  • The Building(s) Plans
    - Site Development Plan
    - Building Floor Plan (Floor Area Plan for all floor levels)
    - Front / Back / Side View Plans of the building (Cross Section / Side / Elevation Plans)

  • The building information
    - Type of building (i.e. residential, mixed development, commercial, factory, workshop, warehouse)
    - Building Manager's name, address, company name and telephone number (where applicable)
    - Tenant's name for each building/ parcel/ unit (where applicable)
    - Rental value
    - Tenancy terms -start and end date of renting each building/ parcel / unit (where applicable)
    - Certificate of Building Insurance Premium
    - The latest Building Tax payment receipt for the land in the Municipal area (where applicable)
    - The receipts of building/s maintenance costs
    - The receipts (where applicable) of building/s management fees - cleaning, water supply, electricity, telephone, insect control (where applicable)

  • For special buildings such as Hotels, Petrol Station, Cinemas, Commercial and Mixed Use Development:
    - Financial Statements (for the last 3 years)
    - Profit and Loss Accounts (for the last 3 years)