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Required documents for land transfer


Transfer of Land Ownership

When your lawyer submits the online application for the transfer of land ownership they will also need to upload the following documents:

  1. Identification Card (IC) of all applicants
  2. Land Title
  3. Latest receipt of Annual Rent payment (Current Year)
  4. Letter of Approval to own land from the Prime Minister's Office (only applicable for Government employees under Monthly Paid basis, as required by the General Order)

In the event the landowner owns only one (1) piece of land, the following information is to be attached in a statement:

  1. EDR/LOT number or TOL number of Applicant's Residence
  2. Rented, own residence or lodging
  3. Relationship of the applicant with the owner of the residence (if lodging)

Every Land Ownership Transfer will incur Stamp Duty and will be processed by the Valuation Section of the Lands Department. To expedite the process, the following information and documents should be submitted to the Valuation Section:

  1. A copy of the Survey Map (RSO) to a scale of 1 : 2500 showing the location of the subject lot.
    • The address of the land and buildings including the building number, simpang number and the name of the nearest road
  2. The geographical features of the land (e.g. flat, hilly, swampy, etc.)
  3. Information on earthworks (e.g. land filling and leveling) including:
    • The year the earthworks were conducted/ completed
    • Estimated cost, area and height
    • Source of the land used for filling