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Doing Business in Brunei Darussalam 

The World Bank has published this year’s edition of its annual Doing Business report (Doing Business 2020), which measures and benchmarks the domestic business regulatory environment and provides a general outlook of the ease of doing business of a country, based on the performance of 10 indicators. 

Brunei Darussalam continues its position maintaining number 1 in ‘Getting Credit’, together with top-ranking country, New Zealand, as can be seen in the Ranking TablesSubstantive improvements were also seen in the local regulatory framework for the indicators on ‘Enforcing Contracts’ and ‘Resolving Insolvency’. 

Overall, the Doing Business 2020 recorded improvement in the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) score for Brunei Darussalam from 69.6 (adjusted) in 2019 to 70.1 in 2020 and is being ranked 66 out of 190 economies.

Brunei Darussalam remains ranked 4th among ASEAN nations behind Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (see the ranking tables). Read the full press release here. (Click here for the press release in Malay).
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